Elevating board leadership with Directors Australia

Central to the success of Directors Australia is our board recruitment capability. Recognising the unique demands of director recruitment, we endeavour to stand out as a specialised service dedicated to connecting organisations with exceptional board members.

Our commitment to excellence in board recruitment is driven by the expertise of Vanessa Jolly, General Manager – Board Recruitment, and Glee Mitchell, Board Recruitment Specialist. Vanessa and Glee draw on a combined six decades of experience, utilising their specialised skills to make Directors Australia a trusted partner in the recruitment of directors for cohesive, collective boards.

Directors Australia’s board recruitment capability is guided by four key principles:
  1. We connect organisations with incredible people
  2. We recruit for inherent and acquired diversity
  3. We know board recruitment and work with you on real people solutions, and
  4. We are passionate about people and purpose.

These principles underpin our comprehensive approach to board recruitment, as outlined below.

Exclusive focus on board recruitment

We set ourselves apart via an exclusive focus on recruiting for boards, board committees and advisory councils, recognising the distinct considerations and requirements for directors who must function cohesively within a collective board.

Our approach to board recruitment goes beyond conventional practices, ensuring an alignment of directors with the unique needs and dynamics of each organisation with whom we work. We collaborate closely with clients, offering insights and providing strategic guidance to ensure a seamless integration of directors, regardless of their experience, into the board ecosystem.

Real solutions through strong networks

At the core of Directors Australia’s mission is a genuine passion for people and purpose. Led by Vanessa and Glee, we deliver real people solutions which respond to challenges organisations face.

Through our individual and collective networks, we foster relationships which transcend traditional recruitment boundaries. This contributes to Directors Australia’s ability to identify and attract exceptional directors and connect them with organisations.

Bespoke recruitment services

Directors Australia’s end-to-end recruitment service offering can be tailored to the specific needs of each organisation. Whether it is discreet or advertised director sourcing, candidate research, director position description development, board skills and composition assessment or director remuneration advice, we ensure directors possess the necessary skills that align with the organisation’s culture and values.

Additionally, recognising the strength diversity brings to board effectiveness, we place a deliberate emphasis on recruiting directors with a blend of inherent and acquired diversity. Our commitment to helping build boards with varied perspectives, skills and backgrounds enhances the overall resilience and innovation of organisations.

Aspirant director education

While recruiting from a broad pool of experienced directors, we also offer resources for candidates seeking to launch their director career/portfolio. Whether it’s via our regular webinars or extensive tips for aspirant non-executive directors, we assist prospects in identifying the right board role for their skills and aspirations, learning the steps to position themselves as an attractive candidate, as well as to navigate the board recruitment process with confidence.

This allows us to connect organisations with directors at varying stages of their board career.

Strategic expertise in human resources management

Vanessa and Glee, as executive human resources professionals, bring strategic expertise to Directors Australia. Their backgrounds encompass diverse roles across a wide range of sectors and industries both in Australia and abroad, specialising in people, culture, performance, engagement, succession planning, recruitment and cessation management.

Vanessa Jolly | General Manager – Board Recruitment

Vanessa possesses over 20 years’ experience as an executive human resources leader across government, not-for-profit and private sectors. Having worked with global organisations in both metropolitan and remote regions, she is well networked with a proven track record in understanding and positively driving business performance outcomes within complex environments.

A leader in the business of connecting people, Vanessa to ensures the right person, with the right skills and attributes, is in an organisation at the right time. Drawing on her highly developed people skills and relationship management, Vanessa is able to identify the best fir for both individuals and organisations.

Glee Mitchell | Board Recruitment Specialist

Glee has worked across all aspects of human resources, including recruitment and terminations, succession planning, performance management, remuneration reviews, induction and orientation programs, learning and development and employee relations.

Glee specialises in board level recruitment, search and selection, building on her strong personal interest in corporate governance and in connecting people and building strong relationships. Glee’s reputation for listening to and delivering on client’s director recruitment needs has positioned her as a ‘go to’ person in the specialist board placement arena.

To learn more about how we can partner your organisation with the right directors, contact Vanessa or Glee, or visit:

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