Highlights from the September Quarter

Katie Simpson | Advisory

During the quarter we partnered with Independent Schools’ Queensland to launch a research paper ‘Navigating Remuneration Decisions for Independent School Boards’, designed to support boards working through the complexities of director remuneration with the independent school context. We also saw an increase in boards reviewing board composition and director remuneration, as well as beginning early-stage planning for annual strategy and risk workshops to be held over the next six months.

Vanessa Jolly | Recruitment

Our recruitment team have been busy again this quarter, as is often the lead up to the AGM’s in November. We continue to source very specific ‘unicorns’ for our valued clients across all sectors in Australia with skills such as a fantastic First Nations director with deep legal expertise; a clinician with strong clinical governance expertise and a lived experience with disability; and a Northern Australia cattle farmer with solid ESG experience. We were also thrilled to collaborate with EY, Bond University, the National Rural Women’s Coalition and Grains Research Development Corporation as expert guest panellists.

Kerryn Newton | The Board Whisperer

The Board Whisperer this quarter has explored topics including The Importance of Trust; Delegations of Authority; Nominations Committee; Presenting to Boards; Volunteer Directors; Cognitive Diversity and Where do Boards Meet. Tune in to Kerryn’s The Board Whisperer via LinkedIn and join the conversation!